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New Content Intelligent Tools#1

New Content Intelligence Tools are being added to our portfolio of content marketing tools, rolled out for both customers AND writers to make workflow smarter, better, faster, and wiser. Let us know which of these tools you are most excited about, and/or suggestions for future tools.

[Topic Research]
BuzzSumo (Live)
GrepWords (Live)

[Brief Builders]
AI Content Brief
Creative Brief (Live)
Buyer Personas (Live)
Creative Brief Wizard (Live)
Customer Journey Map (Live)

[Talent Finders]
StyleMatcher (Live)
Talent Scout

[Text Analysis]
Category Suggestor
Emotional Analysis
Language Grader (Live)
Sentiment Analysis
Surfer SEO Scorer (Live)
Theme Mapper
Topic Suggestor
Word Associations

[SEO Tools]
Keyword Suggestor (Live)
SERP Tracker (Live)
My Keyword Lists (Live)

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In Progress
a year ago

The Buyer Personas and Customer Journey Map is simply amazing!!!!! Thank you for this. Didn’t get to try most of the other great marketing tools ;)

a year ago

a year ago